The Quinton Family

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

It's a boy!

We found out today that Alex will be having a little brother when we had a 3D ultrasound done. Alex is very excited about the baby.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Alex's new big boy bed he got last week. He was so excited he kept exclaiming "new bed" over and over again.

Nanny and Grampy came over for Christmas dinner and brought even more gifts.

"Santa brought me a box" he exclaimed before moving on to unwrap the the next gift.

Alex loved unwrapping all his gifts on Christmas morning. He was happy to get boxes and buckets from Santa until we starting showing him there were toys inside. After that he wanted to play with the toys so we had to keep pushing him to open more gifts.

We tried building a gingerbread house from scratch. Alex had fun decorating it after snacking on a few candies first of course. Daddy enjoyed eating it by sneaking pieces off the backside.

We lost power on Christmas Eve after getting a bit of snow that morning so we went outside to make a snowman. It rained all night and got pretty mild. Alex was disappointed to find the snowman gone on Christmas Day along with the rest of the snow.

Alex got a new easel as a pre-Christmas gift. He especially likes painting.

Alex at his daycare Christmas concert. None of the kids did much singing but in the top picture Alex looks blurry because he's dancing up a storm.